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Music Supports

  • Whole Learners

    • Music training stimulates nearly every region of the brain, strengthening those regions used for complex math and abstract-thinking skills.
    • Students with 1+ year of high school music experience improve their ACT scores: 4% higher on Math and 7% higher on English.
  • Whole Communities

    • Music training can assist in creating a better learner and help reduce the achievement gap.
    • Low-income students who took music lessons in grades 8-12 saw math, reading, history, geography and social skills soar by 40% compared to non-music students.
  • Whole-life Benefits

    • Music students gain the skills employers most want of teamwork, communication, problem-solving.
    • 83% of adults with incomes higher than $150,000 participated in music.
These real-world benefits, alongside the simple and profound gift of daily music-making in a child’s life, make music essential.

Sources: Northwestern University; University of Kansas; Royal Conservatory of Music; Toronto; Gardiner, Fox, Jeffrey and Knowles, Nature; Harris Interactive/MENC

  • I play oboe in school band and violin in Minnesota Youth Symphonies. I enjoy learning and performing new pieces, however one of the coolest things I’ve ever done was conduct an orchestra in front of other kids. I feel proud when I share my love for music with others.

    Music makes me confident.

    - Faith, Falcon Ridge Sixth Grader

  • Before coming to medical school, I spent five incredible years at Oberlin studying piano performance. Studying at a music conservatory shaped how I viewed my career in medicine. I was surrounded by people who were passionate about what they did and music was a central part in every aspect of our lives.

    Music makes me passionate about learning.

    - Jessica Saw, Medical Student at the Mayo Clinic Rochester

  • As an educator I try and instill a love of music in my students and I try and teach them lessons about life through music. I love teaching and I feel truly blessed to have chosen a career which has enabled me to make a difference in the lives of children.

    Music makes me grateful

    - Kay Hawley, Music Teacher at Hopkins Public Schools

  • I’ve struggled with depression for years which has affected my ability to fully participate in life. Being involved in music has helped me process my thoughts and emotions and has brought me back to a wise state of mind.

    Music makes me grounded.

    - Bri, Music Ed. Student at the U of M

  • I’ve been playing the piano since I was seven and music is my passion. Every time I sit down and play, I feel like nobody’s there — like I’m in my happy place. Whenever I’m feeling down, tired, or stressed, it cheers me up.

    Music makes me feel relaxed

    - Ricardo, Henry Sibley High School Sophmore

  • My website project features authentic sound recordings from around the world. As a passionate traveler, I am always looking for a window into the life of the locals while on the road. Music provides that opportunity.

    Music makes me explore.

    - Jonah Marks, Founder of

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