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Music Supports

  • Whole Learners

    • Music training stimulates nearly every region of the brain, strengthening those regions used for complex math and abstract-thinking skills.
    • Students with 1+ year of high school music experience improve their ACT scores: 4% higher on Math and 7% higher on English.
  • Whole Communities

    • Music training can assist in creating a better learner and help reduce the achievement gap.
    • Low-income students who took music lessons in grades 8-12 saw math, reading, history, geography and social skills soar by 40% compared to non-music students.
  • Whole-life Benefits

    • Music students gain the skills employers most want of teamwork, communication, problem-solving.
    • 83% of adults with incomes higher than $150,000 participated in music.
These real-world benefits, alongside the simple and profound gift of daily music-making in a child’s life, make music essential.

Sources: Northwestern University; University of Kansas; Royal Conservatory of Music; Toronto; Gardiner, Fox, Jeffrey and Knowles, Nature; Harris Interactive/MENC

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Music learning is proven to support students. That can only happen when your school has a strong music program. Make sure every child in your community receives the boost music learning provides.

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